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Barbara Roberson

Lead Consultant

(910) 489-3392

My Story


Why I joined the SCENTSY FAMILY - I currently live in Wilmington N.C. (formally from New Jersey) and I am a Pediatric/Neonatal Respiratory Therapist working at the local children's hospital.
In 2019 I was diagnosed with Leukemia, currently in remission. During my Leukemia scare with medical bills piling up I realized that I needed to find something to help supplement my income in case I could no longer work in the medical field as my health will never be the same. A very close friend and my Scentsy consultant suggested that I join her group with the Scentsy family as an independent consultant. I explained to her that I am not the selling type and I don't like posting pictures of myself or do videos on social media. She explained that all I had to do was be myself and step outside of my comfort zone, and she would help me anyway she can along the way. I asked a million questions (which she was happy to answer) and thought about it for several months while watching her earn big paychecks and free trips. I watched as another friend who also isn't the selling type join and her business took off. The longer I thought about it and making excuses like "no one will buy anything and I won't be able to do it" the faster I was wasting time.

Finally, I thought WHY NOT since I've been buying and loving Scentsy products for several years and If I could beat Leukemia, I could do this. “DO IT SCARED!!!” She spoke.
So, I joined and I am so happy I did. While I haven’t earned any trips yet I have met some new friends, introduced amazing products to my friends (that I personally use), been able to pay off some credit cards debt, paid my car off early and bought a new IMAC and printer (which is a write off). OH, AND BY THE WAY – it has helped my depression since I’m no longer sitting idle and worrying about my future.
Don't waste time like I did. If you haven't tried Scentsy products, need a catalog and some samples or just want info on how to start your own small business, contact me I"M HERE TO HELP.

Let's enjoy Scentsy together!


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